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In the rearview mirror.....

Just to catch you up on the travels so far. We have stayed in Washington State for the summer. We started in Auburn and visited with our daughter and her son. During that week we had some of the warmest weather this area has ever had. We had 112 degrees. And it was hot!

Then we moved up to Ferndale near the Canadian Border. We had fun exploring the roads and headed up to Mt. Baker where I took this photo of Mt. Shukan. We did many fun things like go to the Farmers Market, wander around Bellingham for the First Friday Art Walk. I bought flowers and veggies at the Saturday Market. We visited with friends and saw the house they moved to. I went to lunch with a new artist friend.

Then we moved to Anacortes WA with a campground right on the beach. Some of the most beautiful sunsets seem to occur there. We stayed a week and visited my favorite galleries and places.

Next we headed to Poulsbo, sometimes called Little Norway. We had friends to visit and had such a good time. I went to a lavender farm, galleries in the little town, a family birthday for one of our friends, we had dinner at a golf course, and listened to music in a park on the water. And many other fun things. I would love to go back there again someday.

And now we have moved to Ocean City on the Washington Coast. It has been hot inland which makes for fog on the ocean beach. But I've seen a few good sunsets. Our grandson came for a visit for a week. And I've been visiting with my sister Judy. We have been working on updating our websites.

So stay tuned next week we head for Grayland WA which is also on the ocean just an hour south of here. Until then see you on the road.....


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