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Birds, Birds and more Birds.....

A few days ago a friend, Jani Freimann, from Port Orchard visited for a couple of days. We went out photographing the Snow Geese, Swans, Eagles that are in this area in the winter.

The Snow Geese migrate from Russia, Northern Alaska and the Canadian Artic. About 2,000 come to this Skagit Valley. The Skagit Valley is a farming area. The geese come onto the fields and find food to eat all winter before they head back north. (PS to my hunting relatives and friends, they do have Snow Geese hunting here)

The Skagit Valley supports the largest concentration of wintering Trumpeter Swans in North America as well as thousands of Tundra Swans. The swans are present from early November through mid-March. The best time of the year is late December through February. They also find plenty of food out in the valleys.

Also, there are many eagle nests around the valley and also on our island. And the eagles are here for the fish runs up the Skagit River as well as other area rivers and in Puget Sound. This is a wonderful area for birding.


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