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Mother's Day Studio Tour on Camano Island.

Last year at this time, we were just new to the island by a couple of weeks. I saw signs for the Camano Island Studio Tour. We headed out bright and early on the first day. Bill drove me around so I wouldn't have to look for parking. It was wonderful to see the art, artists and their studios.

Little did I know that in just one year I would be in that very tour. I don't have room at my home to have people come to my studio. I joined the Stanwood Camano Arts Guild. They have a group showing in a Historic Firehouse. It looks like there are about 25 artists showing their painting, pottery, and art. Including yours truly.

If you live close into Seattle up to Bellingham come out this weekend or next and see the art. There are about 25 studios and galleries showing art May 10-11-12 and May 18-19. You can stop at the Gateway Gallery as you get onto the Island and pickup a Brochure and Map. Just follow the signs - you will see them all over. Hope to see you then.


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