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Found: Little Foxes

The other day I rode the ferry up to San Juan Island to meet my sister, Judy, and her friend Joanne. San Juan Island is a beautiful island located north of Seattle WA. And not far from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. At some point in history some rabbits were brought to the island, but their population exploded. So foxes were brought to the island to help keep the population in check. Now there are lots of foxes and rabbits on the island.

We went fox hunting in the evening and saw some fox and lots of rabbits. We were not able to go into that area of the park as they had it fenced off, so we stood at the edge and took photos with a long lens. We drove around more and found some fox close to houses but didn't get very good photos.

The next morning we got up early to go fox hunting again. This time we went to the area of houses where we had seen fox the night before. It looked like someone was feeding the fox. Still standing on the side of the road we were much closer to them and were able to get some wonderful photos.

I think there will be a fox painting coming up soon to be created in my studio.


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