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Art on the RVing Road
and the next Adventure

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Seven years ago we sold our house of 30 years.  Sold or gave away most of our "stuff", bought an RV and a truck to pull it and hit the road.   I have taken thousands of sunset photos, thousand of wave photos, thousand of animal photos, and inbetween there landscapes.

I left the most wonderful art studio.  About 20 years ago my husband turned an old garage into an art studio that I loved and painted in.   But to hit the road I needed to find a way to paint in the RV.   I focused my painting down to watercolor and digital art as I thought that would not be too messy painting inside.  And it has worked out fine.

Some of the fun firsts for me on our travels have been:   Feeding a giraffe in Phoenix, photographing wild grizzlies in Alaska, searching for Orca Whales and finding them. (it took all summer of boating excursions )  Taking photos of an eagle swooping down and getting a fish. And I spent time with a herd of wild horses out in the Utah desert.

******UPDATE***** Seven years on the road - what a wonderful experience.   We had so much fun and made wonderful memories.   We've sold the trailer and truck.  And we rented a beach house on Camano Island, Washington.   I can see eagle fly by our window, and there are whales in the bay.   Just the right place for a new Adventure.

Please check out my website and my art.   I will be adding more as time goes on.   My blog page has the latest.   My Blog

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