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Smokey days are here again - California

Driving down though Oregon we started running into smoke around Medford. Then it got better then worse. Crossing into California we saw smoke from the wild fires. We headed to Redding which had a unhealthy smoke warning but the day we pulled into town it was down to moderate. So we didn't have too much of a problem with it.

But the temperature was very hot, about 103 each day while we were there. We attended a very big church, Bethel Church Redding, on Sunday. I had been listening to them on YouTube so it was really fun to actually go there. They have three Sunday morning services to accommodate all of their members. They have a beautiful campus. (Notice the red cast on my skin and the church from the sun shining through the smoke)

Next we drove down to Bakersfield and stayed the night at the Orange Grove RV Park. The park is literally in an orange grove. There are orange trees between each site. We were there once in February when the oranges were ripe and they let you pick as many as you want. But the oranges are still green in September.

Then we headed to Quartzsite Arizona. See next blog post.


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