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Salt River Wild Horses - outside of Phoenix

Last time I was in Phoenix I found 3 wild horses on the Indian Reservation we were staying. So this time when I visited, my friend Pat Hauser and I went looking for the horses on the other side of the reservation. We found several parks in the area where the horses were supposed to be. One of the parks had signs that horses had been there. We had been told the best time to see them was in the morning or evening when the horses came to the river for a drink. And they didn't disappoint us. They came out of the short trees and drank water and ate the grass on the edge of the river. We (and a lot of other photographers) were on the bank across the river from the horses. I got some great shots with the sun behind the horses, then we moved ahead of them and the light was so good. I got back to my trailer before it was too dark.


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