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Gum, sweat and smoke tears - Quartzsite AZ

We are so glad to be out of the smoke but we are not out of the really hot temperatures. When we researched Quartzsite we found that the average temperatures in September were in the 80s and low 90s. But someone forgot to tell mother nature - it has been 99 to 103 all of the days. We also hadn't realized this town was mostly closed for the summer until October 1st when the Snow Birds start coming. There are 60 RV Parks in this very little town. No big grocery store but they have a great flea market that opens Oct. 1st. So missed a lot of that. But it is beautiful and we did visit the Gum Museum.

We called and made an appointment to visit the Gum Museum. The owner had been collecting unusual gum for 40 years and had it very nicely sorted and displayed in a small shed on her property. It was fun to look through all the different gum and even gum from many different countries. Make sure to check it out if you get down this way.

Art - since we are staying in a lot with these temperatures I painted this last week. Here is "Once in a Blue Moon" Watercolor on paper. Prints are available just click my "Prints" button, in the menu up top, then choose watercolor paintings. Once you view his image look to the right and you will see many items that this print is available on - from cups to pillows to handbags to shower curtains and many things in between.

We still have four more days here. I'll let you know if I find more interesting things to share. Safe travels.


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