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From one adventure to the next!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

We have been full time RVing for almost 5 years now and have traveled all over the western USA. It has been so much fun, but when COVID raised it's ugly head we headed home to our home city where our doctors were and waited it out until we felt it was safe to travel again. Once we had our vaccinations we headed out again this last June.

Last January we started planning out our next adventures. We have a son and his family that live in New Mexico and we would like to spend some time there. They have installed a 50 amp electric pedestal in their yard for us to use. So New Mexico is on the map for us. Bill spent a lot of hours planning out a trip for us traveling back to Kentucky to see the Ark Experience. After we talked we decided to extend our trip and go all the way to Maine and see the colorful leaves in the fall. So he spent more hours and came up with a plan for 18 months and started making reservations.

We headed out June 23, 2021 and headed up to our first stop in Auburn Washington. Check out my next blog post to get all caught up. Until then maybe we'll see you on the road.....


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