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Change in the Adventure

Hi, I’m Jeanette Mahoney, a watercolor and digital artist.  We lived in Longview WA for 40 plus years.  I started painting in 1980s and also taught painting for a while.  After retirements and the kids all on their own we became full time RVers. We sold our home in Longview, WA and so far have journeyed from Alaska to much of the western United States.


After seven years on the road we decided to change up our adventure.   We sold the RV and the truck.   And we rented a beach house on beautiful Camano Island, WA.  We are excited about this new adventure and I'll keep you updated as to what we are up to.

I have focused my art to reflect these new experiences. In our travels I love seeing God’s glory reflected in landscapes and wildlife.   Meeting other artists and art lovers along this journey has been such a joy. I love this beach living and watching the many moods of the bay in front or our place

And I love painting the animals that we discover along the way.   I sell my watercolors, digital art prints, and custom pet portraits.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Jeanette Mahoney an  Artist, Grandma and friend.   I have been painting for over 40 years.  The technique and mediums has changed over the years.  Please check out more information about my art on the island.

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What I Do

Pet Portrait



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Rearview Mirror

Things sure changed fast.   Once we decided to end our RVing Adventure, we sold the trailer and truck.  We rented a wonderful Beach House on Camano Island Washington.   I'm getting involved with a Gallery here and making new friends. 

 Check out my blog page for more photos.

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